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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to bring you reaction from both sides of this major issue. we begin with nbc 10's jesse gary who has been getting reaction to the decision from supporters of same-sex marriage. jesse, some strong emotions on this issue today here in philadelphia. >> reporter: that's right. remember, this celebration is decades in the making. the suddenness of the supreme court's ruling on same-sex marriage caught a lot of activists kind of flat-footed so they are coming here to these grounds later this afternoon to try and make up for lost ground gather celebrate and reflect on a day many say they did not think they would ever see in their lifetime. >> it's been a long road to hoe but as they say and martin luther king said free at last free at last. >> reporter: the feel of freedom could be seen in each embrace in the shadow of the national constitution center. a small gathering to celebrate grew through the hours as word of marriage equality throughout the land spread. >> i'm just really excited to see that there's equality for them and everybody. i think it's ridiculous that it
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hasn't happened sooner. >> everybody should have the right to be with the person they want to be with. >> reporter: today's ruling a relief for tom and his family. one son is soon to marry in philadelphia. but being gay has meant james' wedding picture would likely develop into a lifetime civil union. now he too, can tie the knott if he chooses. >> not the fact that i want to get married but just the fact that i can and i have the ability to and i don't have to go to another state, i'm treated as an equal. >> i think it's a great thing as the way the country's moving forward. everybody's equal. nothing wrong with that right? it's the way it should be. >> reporter: not necessarily the way it used to be. coming up in the next hour a look back at the early beginnings of this movement that began not far from where i'm standing over at independence hall and now today has seen same-sex marriage legalized throughout all 50 states. that's coming up in the next hour. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> in our area same-sex
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marriage first became legal in delaware, july of 2013. the law was passed by the delaware general assembly. new jersey was next in october of that year. that case was decided by the state supreme court. it was the federal court system that decided the case in pennsylvania in may of 2014. now to nbc 10's drew smith who is also gauging reaction. >> you have been speaking to those who did not want a change to traditional marriage. what are they saying? >> reporter: they are telling us they are disappointed in this ruling. we just spoke minutes ago with the leader of a pro-life coalition here for the whole state of pennsylvania based in montgomery county. he says he is going to continue to fight for traditional marriage. the churches are also speaking out. we got a statement from the archdiocese of philadelphia saying quote, the supreme court's 5-4 decision on marriage is not a surprise. the surprise will come as ordinary people begin to experience first-hand and painfully the impact of today's action on everything they thought they knew about marriage family life our laws
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and our social institutions. while some parts of the public have clearly shifted on this issue over time the church is not embracing the court's decision today. we also heard from a legal expert about where we go from here. we will be sharing his insight later on at 5:30. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> new at 4:30 the national impact of the high court's ruling and what couples and state leaders are doing in those states where same-sex marriage is currently banned. that's coming up at 4:30. right now, our first alert weather team tracking weekend rain. some of it is expected to be drenching. this all comes at a time when our region has been dealing with a very wet june. >> oh, yes. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain for us. tell us what to expect this time around. >> once again, we will be getting some heavy rain during the weekend, the second weekend in a row. we have a first alert weather
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day for saturday afternoon and saturday night. last weekend it was pretty much all at night. there's going to be a good bit during the day as well. got a flood watch for parts of the area for that period of time one to three inches of rainfall is expected along with some strong to severe thunderstorms in perhaps delaware and extreme south jersey. this is the area of the flood watch from philadelphia north and west. it includes new castle county delaware. wilmington has had over ten inches of rain so far this month. much of the state of pennsylvania under a flood watch now. just some isolated showers this afternoon but some of them are coming right toward the lehigh valley here. there's one small heavy shower headed in the general direction of allentown but this is the heavy stuff. that's going to be moving in during the day tomorrow. we might get a little bit of dry weather first thing tomorrow. first just these isolated showers tonight, as we go through the later night, this
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really dissipates but then tomorrow, here comes the main area. that's 10:00 a.m. and it's just getting started. while the rest of the hour by hour forecast we'll have in a few minutes. more rain is not what communities still recovering from tuesday's storms want to hear about. >> that's because thousands are still without power. some three days after those storms knocked out the lights. andrea cruz from our sister station is live this afternoon in hard-hit sewell gloucester county. >> you were there as lawmakers toured the area many not pleased with the time it's taken to get the electricity back on. >> reporter: that's right. that's because fire stations like the one right behind me have been without power for days and that's the reason why congressman norcross sent this letter to governor chris christie requesting emergency assistance. however, that's not the only battle the town is fighting. >> how do you lose a substation because of wind? >> reporter: congressman donald
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norcross is demanding answers from power company ac electric days after a major storm knocked out power in washington township. >> the fact that the emergency control center in washington township is still running on generator three days later i think is indicative of the problem. we need more crews here. we need them here now. >> reporter: we went along on a tour of the most affected neighborhoods as local lawmakers assessed damaged power lines and homes. >> if the power is restored the surge can be up to ten feet. if someone is standing next to these poles and wires, certainly someone can be injured. >> reporter: local police have been working around the clock to keep residents away from downed wires like this one which started a fire high above on the tree tops. there's a million kids in washington township. they are all out of school. why are they not removing these trees? >> reporter: tempers are flaring as neighbors struggle to deal with life in the dark. >> where's our help? where's governor christie? he was in the middle of everything with hurricane sandy.
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where is he? >> reporter: ac electric is owning up to the mess. in a conference call with press and local leaders. >> let's get the information now because i'm not sure that we are going to get a call back. the same thing happened to me two days ago. >> we will stay on the call. let's get the detail let's stay on the call. we are going to be accountable here and then we are going to get people out there. >> reporter: now, right after that call and within the last hour, power was finally restored at this fire station. meanwhile, governor christie's office confirmed they received the letter requesting emergency assistance, however the governor says federal crews on the ground trying to determine if it's really necessary. live in sewell, new jersey i'm andrea cruz, nbc 10 news. >> if you know someone who is still without power, tell them nbc 10 and comcast can help them plug in and power up their phone, tablet or computer.
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comcast xfinity locations in camden burlington gloucester and delaware counties are ready to recharge your devices. go to the nbc 10 news app to find the location nearest someone without power and let them know. >> keep the nbc 10 news app handy as we head into the weekend. you will get the latest updates on the approaching rain and its impact on you as well as the utility workers trying to get power back online. a major shakeup for the phillies. 30 minutes ago, ryne sandberg announced he is resigning as manager. he took over from charlie manuel in august 2013. sandberg says he's disappointed with the phillies record of 26 wins and 48 losses this season. comcast sports net is gathering more information about the phillies' future and will bring that to us on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." meantime we are following developing news out of france right now, where authorities have launched a terrorism investigation after a morning attack at an american-owned company left one person dead and
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several others hurt. french prosecutors say the suspect who they believe attacked the gas plant is a local truck driver who was known to workers at the air products facility. they say the man has suspected ties to french islamic radicals. the attacker rammed a car into the factory in southeastern france. that triggered an explosion. a body was found near the factory's entrance along with islamic banners. these are photos of the site. french authorities say there have been multiple arrests now. if this is confirmed as a terrorist attack this would be the second major incident like this in france this year. back in january, you may recall islamist gunmen killed 17 people at the offices of the "charlie hebdo" satirical magazine and a jewish supermarket. as we said the attack in france hit close to home. air products has their corporate headquarters based in the lehigh valley. it is a major employer. nbc 10's deanna durante live this afternoon.
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you have been getting reaction from the community there? >> reporter: we have. the employees who work inside the corporate headquarters here. police tell us they will keep an eye on this facility though there is no threat here but employees today are expressing their sympathy for the victim. >> of course we are very sad to have a colleague killed, but you know, that's all we can say. >> reporter: many who work at air products global headquarters say they know very little about the attack. employees could be seen walking around the ground but the company's not talking about the incident referring us to a statement placed on its website this morning saying that security has been stepped up at all of its facilities as a precaution. the company operates in 50 countries around the world and employs more than 20,000 people. it's a global gas manufacturer. some employees didn't give their names as they shared their reaction to the attack. >> i was surprised, yeah. i don't know why they targeted air products. i think it's just random. i don't think it was air products in general.
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>> reporter: a company spokesman just recently sent me an e-mail saying they are getting their information and being guided by french authorities before they can release any more information about the attack but local and federal authorities tell us though there is no credible threat here they are going to keep an eye on this facility and others here in pennsylvania. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now to developing news out of tunisia. at least 37 people are dead after an attack a beach resort there. some of the victims were tourists. another 36 people were hurt at least one gunman was responsible for the attack. that gunman is dead. turning now to the church massacre in charleston south carolina. president obama was among the thousands of people who remembered the reverend clementa pinkney at his funeral today. he was laid to rest more than a week after he was shot and killed while leading a bible study at emanuel a.m.e. church. so many across south carolina and the country considered pinkney a brother and a friend.
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president obama delivered the eulogy. >> we are here today to remember a man of god who lived by faith. a man who believed in things not seen. a man who believed there were better days ahead off in distance. >> pinkney was a state senator and early supporter of obama's presidential campaign. dylann roof attended bible study for nearly an hour before opening fire. he has been charged with nine counts of murder in what investigators have called a racial hate crime. no word yet when hillary clinton will be rescheduling her philadelphia fund-raiser. it was supposed to be today but she postponed it so she could attend senator pinkney's funeral. fund-raiser was supposed to be at the home of david cohen, the executive vice president at comcast. governor christie took out his budget pen and signed a new spending plan for the garden
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state today but it's not the same bill sent to his desk by democratic law makers who control the state house. the republican who is expected to announce his candidacy for president early next week signed a stripped-down $34 billion spending plan. he vetoed a proposed income tax hike and corporate business tax. the governor conditionally vetoed the millionaire tax that would tax the rich at higher rates. nbc 10 new jersey bureau reporter cydney long talked to the governor today. tell us what he had to say. >> reporter: he refuses to raise taxes on eight million new jersey residents to benefit some 625,000 union workers who he says are right now benefiting from a broken and bloated system that is sure to go bankrupt no matter how much money is contributed. he says teachers are paying pennies on the dollar compared to the private sector and that something has got to give.
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>> let's take the average teacher in new jersey who works 30 years. that average teacher puts $84,000 into the pension system over their 30-year career. $84,000. and they take out $1.1 million over their lifetime. the reality should be they should get on the phone with the teachers union and tell them to grow up. and get to the table and negotiate. >> reporter: christie went on to say on top of the $1.3 billion payment to the state's pension for fiscal 2013 he is also making an immediate payment of $212 million and this makes him the governor in new jersey that has contributed most to the state pension. i just looked up on njea's website and they tweeted earlier today why would they want to negotiate with a governor who can't keep his word. live in florence township burlington county, cydney long, nbc 10 news. sky force 10 was over the scene of a double shooting in philadelphia's east germantown
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neighborhood today. two men were shot just after noon on the 5500 block of blakemore street. first victim was shot twice in the chest. he is now in critical condition at the hospital. the other victim is in critical but stable condition after getting shot four times in both legs. right now, there is no word on a suspect. pennsylvania state trooper is recovering from a car crash this morning. the crash happened just before 11:00 on 95 south near route 420. you can see there is still a police suv here being towed. state police told us the trooper is not seriously injured but was taken to the hospital. sky force 10 was over this crash. there is a red car with what looks like some front end damage you see here but state police didn't have any information on what caused the crash and did not tell us if anyone else was hurt. a 13-year-old new jersey boy is recovering after being shot in the leg yesterday. police tell us he was taking out the trash at his home in millville when he heard two gun shots. police say he ran back to his apartment. that's where realized he had been hit in the knee.
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he's doing okay. police are still investigating. elementary school assistant principal in delaware is charged with unlawful sexual contact with three young girls. edward husbands works at benjamin banaker school. he is suspended with pay. the girls who are 11 years old and younger are not students at his school district. police are looking for other potential victims. traffic alert for you. crews are resurfacing ramps on i-95. these are the ramps from 95 south to 676 west it will be overnight lane restrictions starting at 9:00 tonight and lasting until 5:00 tomorrow morning. same thing for saturday into sunday morning. this is for westbound lanes. all of this work is weather-sensitive so with rain this weekend, the project may take longer. a push today from senator bob casey to increase funding for amtrak to $1.4 billion. recently the u.s. house of representatives moved to cut amtrak funding by $230 million but casey argues the city of
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philadelphia is getting ready for some major events bringing millions of people into the city in the upcoming months not to mention 11 million passengers travel the northeast corridor every year. earlier this month, a federal railroad administration safety advisory issued recommendations for a series of safety measures in the wake of the deadly amtrak train derailment back on may 12th. the advisory recommends passenger railroads implement a series of measures to keep trains safe and in compliance with speed limit regulations. eight people were killed in last month's derailment including a college dean a naval academy student, a software architect and several executives. earlier this month, ntsb investigators revealed train engineer brandon bostian was not talking or texting on his cell phone at the time of the derailment. investigators are still looking for the cause of the crash. we had a very very dry may
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and now a very very wet june. that continues. we have a first alert weather day as a result. there's going to be a lot of rain around here. there's a flood watch for parts of the area for saturday afternoon and saturday night. one to three inches of rainfall is expected with some strong to severe thunderstorms in southern parts of our area delaware and extreme south jersey. the severe threat tracker shows flood is the greatest threat this weekend across a good bit of the area especially in our pennsylvania counties and in the wilmington area that's had so much. lightning and high winds and hail would be more likely in southern parts of the area during the day tomorrow. today, 81 degrees, the winds southeast at six miles an hour and it is going to be a pretty nice evening out there. it's 83 degrees in allentown, 82 in reading, 83 in northeast philly. it is a fairly mild day and
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fairly comfortable but it's going downhill. flood watch from the philadelphia area westward for saturday afternoon and night. the rest of the area's going to get a lot of rain too, but they can handle a lot more than the other areas. the highest risk of severe storms delaware and extreme south jersey for saturday afternoon. the past hour showing some isolated small showers, a couple in new jersey and a couple in pennsylvania. these are going right toward the lehigh valley allentown, just about to get a brief shower. that's not very impressive. this is. this is a lot of rain here stretching from ohio all the way back into iowa and it's headed right at us. so what happens here just the isolated showers this evening and it's not all that cool but the east wind comes in that keeps us cloudy and we start off tomorrow morning, hey, it's not too bad. but here comes the rain.
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once the rain comes in it's going to knock the temperature down. that's 9:00 a.m. it may just be starting by then. now we are talking about an afternoon with temperatures in the 60s across the area. look at this rain. that's dinnertime. saturday getting pounded. allentown, 59 degrees while getting the heavy rain so it is really going to get ugly out there. tonight, isolated showers early, then the clouds increase. 64 degrees. the rain becoming heavy in the afternoon, the night is going to be wet as well. and the seven-day forecast mix of clouds and sun. sunday a much better day, a slight chance of a shower. monday is warmer. tuesday is hot. then it's fairly warm the rest of the week. late night tv will not be the same for awhile.
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>> we will tell you what happened to jimmy fallon. also turning your local workplace into a porsche place. nbc 10 takes you inside the sprawling local facility that will host thousands for the upcoming world meeting of families. and the vatican treasures that will be on display there. plus this. >> the stunt that turned into a real-life scare. nbc 10 with the malfunction that turned this stage show into an emergency. ♪ up next country concert. some of the biggest names in the music industry are in our area right now putting on a show for thousands.
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grab that umbrella because there's a lot of fun things happening this weekend. you will want to get out even if there is rain.
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all weekend long you can take in the tall ships docked in the delaware river. the ships are open for tours. wawa's welcome america starts tomorrow kicking off a week-long event tomorrow from noon until 4:00. it's family day at the shops at liberty place on chestnut street. there will be a ton of family-friendly activities including a celebration for the 150th anniversary of the first reading of alice in wonderland. sunday is community day at the samuel recreation center as well. get the full lineup of events for welcome america by tapping on the nbc 10 news app for smartphones and tablets. ♪ blake shelton will be jamming out at the dover international speedway in a couple hours but you need to trade in the cowboy boots for rain boots and a cowboy hat's a good idea to keep your head dry. the big barrel country music festival started this afternoon featuring big-time country stars. shelton, of course is tonight's
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big act but before that on a different stage, lynyrd skynyrd will rock out. sunday features merle haggard and carrie underwood. to our top story. it's now the law of the land. >> same-sex unions get the blessing from the nation's highest court. that was the reaction outside the supreme court today. when the justices ruled same-sex marriage is recognized in all 50 states now. it's not technically official until the losing side gets a chance to have their case reconsidered. later, complexion concerns. nbc 10 with new findings that suggest too much of a certain vitamin could leave unwanted blemishes on your face. i have issued a first alert for part of the weekend. drenching rains could lead to some flooding. get the timing on that approaching rain in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert weekend forecast.
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shortly after this morning's historic supreme court ruling legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, some reflected on the decision at the national constitution center. people we spoke to said the decision does not mean the struggle for gay rights is over. >> the movement has to continue on because we can never foresee the future. with every step that we take forward, there are often steps to take us backwards. we constantly have to be pushing forward. >> the exhibit chronicles how lgbt activists staged one of their first demonstrations in philadelphia 50 years ago next month. the court's ruling was 5-4 decision. >> it's brought strong reaction
4:31 pm
on both sides of the issue. nbc national reporter steve handelsman reports from outside the supreme court. >> reporter: not all of the affected states are rushing today to actually perform same-sex marriages but six already are and the rest will soon have to. after this decision at the u.s. supreme court. the crowd outside court exploded into chants songs and hugs celebrating same-sex marriage ruled a constitutional right and instantly legalized in the 14 states where it was still banned, like ohio. laura's state. >> i'm super-excited about it. >> reporter: opponents still protesting. >> marriage is the union of one man and one woman. >> reporter: but the plaintiff from ohio said the term gay marriage can be dropped. >> from this day forward it will simply be marriage. >> reporter: he got a call from president obama. mr. obama came out to praise the ruling. >> when all americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: opposing the 5-4 decision, chief justice roberts complained the constitution had nothing to do with it. but for the majority justice anthony kennedy wrote same-sex couples seek not to denigrate marriage but rather to live their lives or honor their spouse's memory joined by its bond. and he wrote, bans on gay marriage harm and humiliate the children of same-sex couples. in texas, this couple rushed to get a marriage license with their kids in mind. >> we don't have to think about explaining our family legally to them in school districts or anything. >> reporter: this was mobile, alabama today. back in court, they sang the national anthem. in fact most americans back the right to marry for everyone. 57% in the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. now that is a constitutional right. steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. we have this breaking news just in to nbc 10. we have just learned from nbc
4:33 pm
news that those two prison escapees major developments one of those escapees richard matt has apparently been shot. this happened just within the past few minutes. we understand it was somewhere near the canadian border. these two men escaped from a prison in upstate new york now three weeks ago. an intense manhunt under way. more than 1,000 law enforcement officers involved in the search for these two convicted killers. also reports that his accomplice, david sweat, is now being chased by police in that same area. again, it was three weeks ago tonight that the two escaped from that upstate prison in new york and one of the people suspected of helping them escape that prison tailor she admitted to providing tools for the two escapees to get out of that prison in upstate new york. but again, reports from nbc confirming that one of them richard matt has been shot. the other, david sweat, now on the run being followed closely
4:34 pm
by police there in upstate new york. >> we don't know the condition of richard matt. again, we just understand he has been shot. both of them the subject as you said of this intense manhunt over the past three weeks. actually, two prison workers have also been ensnared in this scandal at that prison in upstate new york. the prison worker has been arrested and faces charges on helping these men make their incredible escape cutting through the walls of their cell and making their way through the prison and out through a manhole cover into the streets and then on the run for the past three weeks. again, we understand richard matt has been shot. we don't know his condition right now. david sweat, we also understand still at large. >> be on the alert for an nbc 10 special report on this coming up at any time. we have issued a first alert for the weekend for this region
4:35 pm
for weather. we are about to get another soaking. the last thing we need. of course, that could touch off flooding. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back. >> glenn, we have already gotten so much rain for the month of june, now more as we head into july? >> in wilmington delaware for example, they have already had more than ten inches of rain. it's already one of the wettest junes ever recorded. that's before the rain of this weekend. we have a first alert for the amount of rain in the amount of time that it might take to produce some flooding. we are not talking about necessarily widespread flooding flash flooding but some localized flooding streams and creeks in certain areas, one to three inches of rain could do that especially if much of it falls in a short period of time. also some strong to severe thunderstorms we will have to watch out for, especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. there are even some tornado warnings right now in parts of ohio. the flood watch for saturday
4:36 pm
afternoon and night from philadelphia westward, also includes new castle county which of course has been so wet, just about all of pennsylvania is under a flood watch. we just have some isolated light showers. this has got nothing to do with the watch but it's about to rain in parts of the lehigh valley. it's just north of allentown, it's a light shower but the rest of the area is generally dry. it's not going to be that way tomorrow. this is a large area of rain and showers and thunderstorms moving straight our way. just some isolated light showers generally this evening. it all changes tomorrow. we'll have the timing with the seven-day. with the rain on the way we encourage you to check the nbc 10 news app all weekend long. our meteorologists will work around the clock to provide updated forecasts for you saturday and sunday. delaware's first medical marijuana dispensary welcomed customers for the first time today.
4:37 pm
about 100 people lined up outside first state compassion center in wilmington before the doors actually opened. medical marijuana law has been in effect since 2012 but the center is the first facility to serve patients. a doctor must prescribe the drug to a person and they must be approved by the state health department. >> it's pretty cool. it's incredible that they are changing the prohibition on marijuana little bit at a time. it's going to be able to change history and make it to where everybody can safely get the medication they need. >> two weeks ago, governor jack markell signed into law a provision that allowed sick children to get marijuana oil. this dispensary is for patients 18 and older suffering seizures severe pain or intractable nausea among other conditions. officials say there are about 340 delaware residents who carry cards allowing them to use medical marijuana. breaking it down by the tristate area medical marijuana is also legal in new jersey for a fee.
4:38 pm
it is not legal, it is illegal in the state of pennsylvania. get used to reruns. >> tonight show host jimmy fallon is out of commission. the injury that had doctors performing surgery on him. plus this. scare onstage. the stunt man tried to pull off an escape that ended up terrifying everyone around him. up next the problem behind your blemishes? nbc 10 with findings on acne and how a certain vitamin may be to blame.
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a new study suggests too much vitamin b-12 could boost your risk for acne. b-12 is an important nutrient and too little of it has been linked to digestive problems. numbness as well as memory loss. but scientists at ucla found high levels of vitamin b-12 disrupt the type of skin bacteria related to acne. the cape may coast guard station has a new leader.
4:42 pm
lieutenant michelle foster replaces lieutenant scott farr during a change of command ceremony today. foster served as surface operations division chief in northern california. one of the prisoners who escaped a new york prison has been shot and apparently killed. two senior officials telling nbc news that that prisoner richard matt. we want to go to john yang who has been work this story nearly from the beginning. he is in upstate new york on the phone. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i can tell you what you just confirmed that two state officials are telling us that richard matt has been shot and killed. this all happened very quickly. they closed in on them very very
4:43 pm
quickly. last night or yesterday they got a report of a break-in in a cabin in malone new york. they were able to get there, recover some evidence. that was sent to the state lab. dna tests showed that at least one of the two, these two escapees, either richard matt or david sweat, had been there. then this morning in a field nearby, they recovered more evidence. they really were able to close in on them very quickly. they were able to determine that they had picked up some material in that cabin they had broken into they had dropped some material they had broken into and that's the material that was sent to the state laboratory and the early dna tests came back and gave them a very confident feeling that one of them had been there and now the word from two officials, two new york state officials that richard matt has been shot and killed. we have no idea no word yet on what's happening with the other
4:44 pm
escapee, david sweat. lester? >> looking at the map here john this all appears to be tab place less than 30 miles of the prison they broke out of. was there any indication the last several days that led officials to believe these men had remained together up to this point? >> reporter: they kept telling us they had no evidence they have separated so they were operating on the assumption they had been together and also the lead that drew them to this area in the first place, a break-in at a summer camp near owl's head that happened on saturday they found material there that was tested for dna and it came back positive for both of the inmates. both of the escapees. so they knew they were together at that point. and that as i say, there was no evidence they had broken up split up so they were operating -- >> the last figure i saw, over 1,000 federal, state and local
4:45 pm
police law enforcement in that area. what is it like to be in that area right now with this hunt reaching this fever pitch? >> reporter: well i got to tell you, in getting -- moving through here we have had a number of state police cars racing through here with lights and sirens going. we are also seeing along nature trails along a creek where this road crosses a creek, there are state police with shotguns watching the area watching the area around that nature trail. certainly when i got here yesterday, it seemed like the activity was slacking off, was easing up a little bit. certainly today it picked up very quickly and has culminated in this word that they have shot and killed richard matt. >> john yang we will let you get back to working the story. if you are just joining us richard matt one of those two killers who escaped a new york state upstate prison on june 6,
4:46 pm
has been shot and killed. that according to two senior new york state officials. no word on the other inmate david sweat. we continue to work this story and will have a lot more on this on a very very busy friday. when we see you for "nbc nightly news." i'm lester holt. nbc news, new york.
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we have a first alert out for saturday afternoon and night with a flood watch from philadelphia area westward. just about the entire area could get one to three inches of rain but those areas are most vulnerable to flooding. the highest risk of severe storms is delaware and extreme south jersey. now, the forecast for tonight is
4:50 pm
for showers, just some isolated showers across the area. nothing too significant. it's tomorrow when the rain moves in during the morning, becomes heavy late in the day and at night, but on sunday it's a much better day all across the area from the poconos to the city to the shore, better day of the weekend. then @startsit starts getting hotter towards monday and tuesday. don't expect a new episode of the "tonight" show tonight. that's because jimmy fallon hurt his hand. a representative for fallon released this statement saying he had minor surgery. he's expected to make a full recovery. we don't have any word on exactly how that injury happened. screams of terror could be heard when an escape went horribly wrong and the man became trapped in a cube filled
4:51 pm
with water. it was suspended above the stage during final rehearsals for criss angel's new show. fortunately, workers were able to free him from that tank. >> very scary. philadelphia, months away from being on the world stage. >> it's going to take a lot of work to pull it off. >> doing some stained glass work on the windows out there to give it that look and feel of a church. >> the local landmark undergoing a major makeover as the region readies for a visit from pope francis.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
preparing for the pope. it's less than three months from the biggest event philadelphia may ever see. >> we are learning new details.
4:55 pm
nbc 10's deanna durante takes us inside the pennsylvania convention center. >> reporter: the rooms are massive. thousands and thousands of square feet of blank canvas. >> one of the things i think they'll do to help accent it and make it feel like a church is using the broad street atrium and give it stained glass. >> reporter: every square inch will be used not just for the world meeting of family event. >> from putting together meals for people around the world, over a quarter of a million people in hall b and having a marketplace to having the museum of the bible coming and doing an exhibit. >> reporter: the congress will be meeting in the main convention hall as well as breakout sections in the ballrooms and the convention center will be staffed 24/7 for more than a week. >> we will have over 7,000 credentialed media in the building from 150 nations. that's a very unique thing. during the entire papal visit we will be the world hub for the media. >> reporter: more than 15,000 people will pack the convention
4:56 pm
center using more than a million square feet of space for conferences, breakout sessions even dining. it could be one of the biggest events if not the biggest hosted here. >> i would challenge people to actually make that effort to set it aside, put it on your calendars, to figure out a way to get to philadelphia during the world meeting of families and/or the papal visit and be part of what is truly going to be part of philadelphia history. >> reporter: those at the convention center say it's not too late to buy passes to events and a chance to view artifacts that rarely leave the vatican. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news at 5:00" is next. >> here's keith jones. next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00" breaking news. one of the escaped prisoners from a new york prison is dead. the other still on the loose. we are monitoring the latest developments there. plus i'm tracking changes in store as we head into the weekend. we even have a first alert weather day. i will let you know what you need to know to help plan around some of the heavy rain expected saturday.
4:57 pm
it's a celebration at the supreme court after an historic ruling on same-sex marriage. we are live at independence mall. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00 major developments in the search for two escaped murderers in upstate new york. nbc news is reporting one of those inmates, the man here
5:00 pm
richard matt, has been shot and killed by police. >> let's go to nbc 10's jim rosenfield who is following the breaking details. jim? >> reporter: this has all been developing in the past 20 minutes or so. once again, it's two senior new york state officials who are telling nbc news that richard matt has been shot and is now dead. there are also reports that officers are now chasing the second escaped prisoner david sweat. today we learned more than 1,000 federal, state and local authorities moved their search about 30 minutes or so from the canadian border this was after state police said the escaped convicts left behind significant evidence in a hunting cabin in the area. both richard matt and david sweat have been on the run of course since they broke out of the clinton correctional facility upstate new york. back on june 6th about three weeks ago. again, nbc news reporting one of the escaped prisoners, richard matt has been shot and is killed and the search is on for david sweat at this hour. we will continue to monitor any


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